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Overseer Network Monitor

Windows monitoring software which designed to simplify monitoring and run as a service
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Overseer Network Monitor
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7 April 2011

Overseer Network Monitor 3.0 review

Overseer Network Monitor, an effective network or system monitoring software for which you will not mind spending any amount.
As the name suggests with this utility overseer websites, network devices, services, event logs, processes, available disk space servers and much more effectively. The tool will drastically minimize network downtimes and their economic impact by keeping close monitor over your network servers. This reliable tool will immediately send notifications of any server malfunction via, Email, cell phone, pager or net. It works with multiple types of resources, and ping allows monitoring any computer or network device. The other features of the tool are; HTTP/HTTPS resources to monitor your websites, Windows Service resource monitor, Windows Event Log resource to monitor event logs, the new Process Monitor, and the Available Disk Space resource to manage server’s hard drives.
This Award winning tool come to you in a simple to use and economical package.

Publisher's description

Award-winning Windows-based network/system monitoring software designed to monitor websites, network devices, services, event logs, processes, available disk space servers, etc. Notifications are sent via Email(including cell phone/pager!) and/or net send.
Overseer supports monitoring multiple types of resources. Ping allows you to monitor any computer or network device to make sure it is connected to the network. The HTTP/HTTPS resource type allows you to monitor your websites to make sure they're responding to user's requests. The Windows Service resource type allows you to monitor services running on Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/2008/7 servers. The Windows Event Log resource type allows you to monitor event logs from your Windows computers. And the Available Disk Space resource type will regularly poll your servers' hard drives to make sure they don't run out of space. The new Process Monitor allows you to make sure your critical non-service processes are still running.
Overseer can be configured to send notifications after a resource has been down for a certain amount of time, re-send notifications at specific intervals, stop sending once a certain period of time has elapsed and even notify you once a resource comes back on-line.
Letting Overseer watch your systems 24 hours a day will give you peace of mind that your systems are always available and can potentially save your company thousands of dollars in downtime. Download the fully-functional trial today.

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